This Document Outlines The Requirements For Formatting An Assignment For The Bradford MBA: Cell Biology Assignment, UL, UK

University University Of Lincoln (UL)
Subject Cell Biology

1 Introduction

This document outlines the requirements for formatting an assignment for the Bradford MBA. This standard was introduced in January 2019 to ensure consistency of expectations for students and faculty alike. Likewise, we introduced EndNote as standard and from the start of the program rather than at the Management Project stage because we considered this to be good academic practice. The standard is not intended to stifle innovation. It is intended to show transparency of how academic work needs to be presented on the Bradford MBA.

2 Frontispiece

The title page needs to conform to the format specified in Appendix A. The frontispiece needs to contain the following information:

1. Identification

2. Statement of Authenticity

3. Word count declaration

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2.1 Identification

1. Name of subject, e.g. Digital Marketing, Branding and Strategy

2. Module Code, e.g. MAR7018-B

3. Your UoB Number.

Please do not put your name on the frontispiece or indeed anywhere within the document as marking is intended to be anonymous. This helps to reduce any
perceived bias by the examiners. Please also do not include your name in the filename you upload to Turnitin, rather use your UoB number as your unique identifier.

2.2 Statement of Authenticity

Participants need to include a statement confirming that your project is entirely your own work: I have read the University Regulations relating to plagiarism.

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