There Are Two Types Of Principal-Agent Problems And Not Just One: Corporate Governance Assignment, UOM, UK

University University of Manchester(UoM)
Subject Corporate Governance

Q1 “There are two types of principal-agent problems, and not just one. Both can be explained with reference to loyalty: a lack of loyalty for one of them and excess loyalty for the other one.”

Critically discuss the above statement with particular relevance to corporate scandals.

Q2 With the help of examples and research, explain the types of risks a company can be exposed to.

Critically discuss how risk can be evaluated and managed by the management and board of directors.

Q3 Discuss the devices that make control different from ownership.

What impact do differences between ownership and control have on the conflicts of interest that are likely to prevail in a corporation?

Q4 Critically discuss the incentives provided by stock options in executive compensation in comparison to other types of compensation, such as bonuses.

Explain how executives might be able to manipulate stock options to extract incremental value.

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