The psychoanalytic approach or psychodynamic approach, as it is also referred to focuses on the power of instinct as the fundamental driver of our behavior and thinking: Psychology Assignment, UOC, UK

University University Of Cambridge (UOC)
Subject Psychology

Task 1 – Psychological approaches 

1a: The psychoanalytic approach (or psychodynamic approach, as it is also referred to) focuses on the power of instinct as the fundamental driver of our behaviour and thinking. How does it compare with the behaviourist model of learning?

1b: What are the key differences in the assumptions which lie behind the two approaches?

1c: How might a proponent of the psychoanalytic school of thought rate the importance of the influence of environmental stimuli and how might a behaviorist view the concept of the “id”?

1d: What are the strengths and weaknesses of both approaches? For the purposes of this task, social learning theory can be taken to be an extension of the behaviorist approach.

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Task 2Psychological research methods 

2a: Explain the advantages and disadvantages of using observation in natural settings as a research method in Piliavin, Rodin and Piliavin’s 1969 study: ‘Good Samaritan: An underground phenomenon.’

2b: It can be argued that studies of animal behaviour are relevant to human psychology because humans are thought to have evolved from other species. Explain with examples how the results of Harlow’s animal research studies can be related to human behaviour.

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