The Firs Residence is a 10 bedded facility for older people who have dementia. Each resident has their own room on the ground floor: Health and social care, Assignment, UOB, UK

University University of Bedfordshire (UOB)
Subject Health and Social care

Case Study: Firs Residence 

  • The Firs Residence is a 10 bedded facility for older people who have dementia. Each resident has their own room on the ground floor. There is also a day room, a dining room, and a garden. The garden gate is broken and so occasionally the residents wander out and two have been brought back by a concerned police officer, who found them wandering in the local park.
  • Elise 3. has recently been admitted to the residence, following the death of her husband who was her full-time carer. Elise has bouts of confusion and can become angry if she does not receive a satisfactory answer to her questions. Elise is a retired u lecturer and insists on being called Doctor, rather than by her first name.
  • Elise has complained that she has lost items from her room since she Included a hairbrush and a gold bangle. Both were fo of clothes on the chair next to the bed. Later that afternoon, Elise comp at money had gone from her purse after her room was cleaned. Because of the previous incident, where it was assumed that Elise had hidden the items herself, no one took any notice. A member of staff was heard telling Elise, that it would turn up and not to make a fuss.
  • Elise became distressed and then angry, stating that no one cared now that she was old and ill. Because of her dementia, Elise finds it hard to express herself and feels that she is being taken advantage of. The day manager recorded in the diary had now been found in a driver, which it had not. y, that Elise had misplaced the money but that it has now been found in the drawer, which it had not.

Vocational Scenario or context:

  • The principles of safe practice should underpin all of the care support that is delivered in health and social care settings.
  • All health and social care workers need to have a working knowledge of these principles, in order to maintain the safety and wellbeing of the service users.
  • You are asked to provide evidence of your understanding of the Principles of Safe Practice, by completing the tasks below. The research for the evidence you must produce will support your preparation for a career in health and social care.


  • In the context of either your work experience setting and one of the case studies attached to this Assignment Brief, or two case studies referring to one adult and one children’s health and social care setting. You must produce a report that:
  1. evaluates the significance of a duty of care, explaining its significance in promoting safe practice
  2. evaluates the significance of a complaints procedure in promoting safe practice, and justifies the procedures used when responding to concerns about abuse and neglect
  3. assesses the importance of balancing individual rights with the duty of care and discusses ways in which complaints and appeals procedures address failures in a duty of care

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