Task 3 –Evaluate a Mobile App Development Process- Write an evaluation of the design, development: Mobile app development Assignment, DC, UK

University Darlington College (DC)
Subject Mobile app development Assignment

Task 3 –Evaluate a Mobile App Development Process (LA BC: D2, D3)

Evaluate the mobile app to meet the requirements outlined in the scenario. You need to:
1. Write an evaluation of the design, development, maintenance and optimisation of your app. (BC D2)
● the completed app’s effectiveness in comparison to alternative solutions
● the reasons why your solution was chosen
● the extent to which it meets the requirements in the scenario.

2. Demonstrate individual responsibility, creativity and effective self-management in the design, development and review of a mobile app. (BC D3)
Your evaluation needs to be supported by evidence from all stages of the project and it needs to reach conclusions and suggest future developments.

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