Task 2 –Develop and Test a Mobile App- Develop the mobile app to meet the requirements outlined in the scenario: Mobile app development Assignment, DC, UK

University Darlington College (DC)
Subject Mobile app development Assignment

Task 2 –Develop and Test a Mobile App (LA C: P5, P6, P7, M3)

Develop the mobile app to meet the requirements outlined in the scenario. You need to:
1. Create the app, based on your design. (C P5)

2. Test the app using a number of different methods including the test plans you created during the design and feedback from users. You should document your tests showing that important problems and errors have been identified and addressed. (C P6)

3. Gather and analyse testing data and feedback on your completed app and use it to optimise your app and produce an updated version. (C M3)

4. Review how the app meets the requirements of the brief and how decisions made during design and development have affected the final app. Include positive and negative aspects and to what extent it meets the brief. (C P7)

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