Summaries one aspect of this vision for change and identify the situation that the aspect of the vision seeks: Visions for change Assignment, UOM, UK

University University of Manchester(UoM)
Subject Visions for change
  • Question: 1 Analyze and vision
  1. Summarise one aspect of this vision for change and identify the situation that the aspect of the vision seeks to change and the key stakeholders that would be involved or affected by this vision
  2. Using the concept of the Innovation Frame identify how the elements of people, context, and material things are considered in this vision
  3. Consider how the vision has been visually and verbally presented How effective and persuasive are these presentatons7 Select a representation of one aspect of the vision to focus on and consider as purpose the target audience and what is presented and whether it is convincing Your answer should include a copy of the representation you have chosen
  4. Analyze the ethical aspects of the vision using an ethics matrix. When you have completed the matrix, critically analyze the vision and its potential for change briefly summarising the possible positive and negative consequences
  • Question: 2 Create an Alternative proposition

Building on the analysis you carried out in Part 1, think about the situation that the vision seeks to change, and propose alternative ways in which this could be achieved.

Bear in mind that you are not being asked to come up with full details of a solution but rather an overarching proposal of how things might be.

  1. Summarise and illustrate your proposal. You should use module concepts to justify how it responds to the need for change identified in Part 1 CO. Your answer should include a description and justification of your proposal and a representation that clearly communicates your ideas.
  2. Conduct some brief research to identify any existing products, services, or systems that would support your alternative proposal and either (A) Say what those existing products, services, or systems are and how they might help your proposal be realized.

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  • Question: 3 Project thinking 
  1. In Block 3 you have read a lot about values. Write a brief manifesto of your own values. This may take the form of a coherent, bullet-pointed list, but other forms are acceptable.
  2. To help you with this consider what is important to you and how it might be, or is, demonstrated in the choices that you make and the life that you lead
  • Learning Outcomes
  • Knowledge And Understanding

Knowledge and understanding of the principles and practices of creating and implementing visions for change and its relationship to design and innovation of how visions are developed and implemented in various disciplinary contexts and domains of envisioning as an interactive process that uses techniques of dialogue and representation. and draws on several sources to attain various outputs — products services and systems

  • Cognitive skill

Cognitive skills critically evaluate the impacts of visions for change and responsibilities of stakeholders involved in design and innovation foster ethical and responsible thinking and ideation in innovation assess and integrate individual social environmental and economic topics in the consideration of ethics in design and innovation develop and critique creative. analytical and reflective arguments in visions for change.

  • Key SKills

Kay skills develop and communicate a vision for change using appropriate forms of representation effectively plan and manage your workload

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