Students are required to produce a report on PepsiCo an international organization: Managing Strategy, Operation & Partnership, Assignment, USW, UK

University University Of South Wales (USW)
Subject Managing Strategy

Task Students are required to produce a report on PepsiCo an international organization and address the following issues:

Task 1: Brief introduction to the organisation and sector it operates in, including a summary of the past 3 years’ revenue, operating profits and general overview of the business’s operational activities.

Task 2: An outline of one strategic business issue they are, or have recently, faced; contextualised within the organisational setting, including an overview of relevant strategic decisions that led to their current position (discussed through relevant literature, tools and techniques).

Task 3: Critical analysis of why the issue has strategic implications and its impact on its stakeholders (discussed through relevant literature and supported by other contemporary examples). 4 SG7001 / Managing Strategy, Operations and Partnerships In selecting PepsiCo, students will want to spend time identifying an international organization which has experienced, or is experiencing, major issues as a result of current and emerging global trends, and satisfy themselves that there are a number of credible resources from which to refer.

Well established media (e.g. BBC, Financial Times, New York Times, etc) may be used to develop the context of the discussion, but the material used to underpin the research and analysis should be from academic books and/or peer reviewed academic journals. PepsiCo is the Company of Choice.

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