Students are expected to present grammatically correct stork that contains reasoned arguments: Practical Reliability Assignment, CU, UK

University Cranfield University (CU)
Subject Practical Reliability

Students need to select any capital-intensive asset and get realistic data and parameters from their workplace. If data is limited and/ or not available. then secondary data from purchasing, procurement, and contractors. dealers. finance and maintenance team and/ or publicly available sources or from previous organizations for similar types of assets can be acceptable.

Attempt and submit for assessment the following questions:

Q.1 Like Assignment 1, students are expected to present grammatically correct stork that contains reasoned arguments. Students should demonstrate that they have read and urcterVocd tie study material. In total. the submissions for this assignment should amount to between GCC and 1500 words. Assignment 2 needs to be completed in a business retort format with headers. footers, page numbers, formatted with margins. spell and grammar checked.

Students will need to conduct further literature research in relevant resources corral and conference papers) on Terotechnology, Capital Investment analysis and balancing capital expenditure arc operational expenditure including maintenance and write a brief updated report or recommenctalicrt for your industry sector along with references at the end.

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