Stand in the shoes of CEO Alex Nix: What could have been done better BEFORE the scandal in 2017 and earlier: Marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility Assignment, UoL, UK

University University of Leicester (UoL)
Subject Marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop a critical understanding of major concepts, frameworks, and methods in marketing and corporate social responsibility, and assess their application in the business environment, including brand value.
  • Examine the role digital marketing and media play in contemporary marketing and business practice and the social impact of these practices.
  • Identify key issues and problems related to the lack of responsibility in the approach to corporate business operations, and the risk that unethical corporate conducts pose for our society.
  • Critically evaluate marketing strategies, including digital marketing solutions – in different business contexts, and address their implications including ethical issues, and reflect on the significance of key historical events.
  • Make strategic marketing decisions based on facts and market research; and commission marketing communication campaigns, including digital marketing solutions.
  • Critically assess currently implemented corporate social responsibility solutions and recognize the links between the adoption of certain solutions and the performance of business operations.
  • Adopt a persuasive argumentation, and present it in verbal or written communication.
  • Collect, analyze and synthesize data; and take a problem-solving approach to strategic thinking, and creativity.

Task 1
Stand in the shoes of CEO Alex Nix: What could have been done better BEFORE the scandal in 2017 and earlier? What could have been done better AFTER the scandal broke?

Task 2
Explain the work and service Cambridge Analytica provided Trump’s campaign. Apart from the legal side, in your perspective, was it right for Cambridge Analytica to provide this work for Trump? How do public goodwill/license to operate and data-driven technology companies

Task 3

Facebook continues to face major ethical and legal challenges. What challenges Facebook brand is facing today? And what implications do these challenges and the case of Cambridge Analytica have for the future of Facebook from your perspective?

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