Stakeholder Roles And Strategic Goals To Achieve Organizational Goals: Strategic Planning Assignment, UOB, UK

University University of Birmingham (UoB)
Subject Strategic Planning

Stakeholder Roles and Strategic Goals To achieve organizational goals, it is necessary to regularly re-evaluate and revise organizational strategic plans. This evaluation and revision process is ongoing and requires collaboration among organizational leaders, managers, and most importantly, stakeholders.

When stakeholders are involved in this process, organizations are more able to objectively examine their strengths and weaknesses, identify organizational needs, and achieve strategic goals.

For this Individual Paper, you explore the role of stakeholders in an organization’s strategic planning process and consider strategic organizational goals.

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To complete that addresses the following:

1. Describe an existing non-profit or public organization of interest to you. Include the organization’s mission, stakeholders, short-term goals (1–4 years), mid-term goals (5–14 years), and long-term goals (15–20 years).

2. Select and explain your role as a stakeholder, including why this organization is important to you both personally and professionally.

3. Explain how you, in your role, will help to evaluate and revise the organization’s strategic planning process. Include any potential legal implications of revising the organization’s current strategic plan.

4. Explain at least 3 strategic goals that you would recommend for the organization, which will directly contribute to and affect positive social change.

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