SKI4002: You are a researcher working for the Government You have been asked by your manager to deliver a 30-minute professional development: Effective Interdisciplinary Study Assignment, AU, UK

University Arden University
Subject SKI4002: Effective Interdisciplinary Study

Task 1
You are a researcher working for the Government. You have been asked by your manager to deliver a 30-minute professional development seminar to the new intake of research interns on the topic of:

‘How to conduct an effective research participant interview’

The research interns are currently studying the first year of their degree and have not completed interviews for research purposes before.

Prepare and submit 12 PowerPoint slides that would underpin your presentation. The 12 slides exclude your title page and your bibliography list which must also be included.

Ensure that when preparing your PowerPoint slides you give consideration to:

  • The relationship between the subject matter and your target audience
  • The amount of information and the time constraints
  • The structure of your presentation
  • Correct referencing practice in relation to all sources

Task 2

Produce an annotated bibliography of eight relevant sources  for the following research problem:

Discuss the potential impact of the provisions contained in the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007

You should NOT write an essay answering the question.

You should construct a bibliography in the usual format. For each entry write a short paragraph explaining:

  • how you have evaluated the source;
  • why you have included the source; and
  • how it will help you answer the essay question posed.

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