SG7003: You have been managing your company in the business simulation activity for the last 5 years: Business simulation with professional development Assignment, TUM, UK

University Technical University of Mombasa (TUM)
Subject SG7003: Business Simulation with Professional Development

Learning Outcomes

  1. Explain the theory and practice of businesses
  2. Describe a range of current problems and changes that organizations face in being successful
  3. Critically evaluate research and theory to support decision-making and explain the progress
  4. Analyze complex issues, make reasoned judgments with incomplete data, and communicate conclusions clearly to specialist and non-specialist audiences
  5. Students will discuss good practices for organizational success
  6. Undertake a critical audit of skills and capabilities for a professional career and identify areas required for improvement
  7. Developing and communicating critical evaluations of organization progress
  8. Working effectively in teams.

Part A: 

You have been managing your company in the business simulation activity for the last 5 years. You are now reviewing and presenting your future plans for the company based on your annual business plans (for each simulation week) and performance in the simulation. You are required to evaluate the success of your decisions and make recommendations for future company plans.

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