SG7003: You are required to prepare a 5-year strategy review to shareholders for evaluating the business simulation: Business Simulation with Professional Development, Assignment, UEL, UK

University University of East London (UOEL)
Subject SG7003: Business Simulation with Professional Development


You are required to prepare a 5-year strategy review to shareholders for
evaluating the business simulation activity of a listed (registered) company
of your choice.

In your report you should cover:

– Vision and Strategy (e.g. vision, values, mission, HR, Culture)
– Performance review of each year’s progress including:
✓ Competition analysis: Porter’s Five Forces; market choice/ share;
competitors; internal capabilities; industry trends/ attractiveness;
✓ Simulation performance results
✓ Performance analysis (evaluation of strategy, decisions – Marketing/ HR/ Logistics / Finance / Product development / Event response

– Future Plans and Recommendations (Key decisions for next 5 years, identify any changes to current strategy, why and how to achieve, recommendations
based on your performance and analysis, potential growth, internalisation/
diversification or acquisition)

– Appendix (include full Business Plan)

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Learning outcomes applied in this assessment Knowledge

LO.1 explain the theory and practice of businesses (COI, CID, SID)

LO.2 describe a range of current problems and changes that organizations face in being successful (COI, CID, IC, SID). Thinking skills

LO.3 critically evaluate research and theory to support decision-making and explain progress (COI, CID, SID).

LO.4 analyse complex issues, make reasoned judgments with incomplete data, and communicate conclusions clearly to specialist and non-specialist audiences (COI). Subject-based practical skills

LO.5 students will discuss good practice for organization success (COI, CID, SID).

LO.6 undertake a critical audit of skills and capabilities for a professional career and identify areas required for improvement (COI, CID, EID). Skills for life and work (general skills)

LO.7 developing and communicating critical evaluations of organization progress (CID, EID, SID).

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