Select an organization of your choice and assume yourself as the newly recruited business support: Buisness Process Support Assignment, UK

Subject Business Process Support Assignment


Select an organization of your choice and assume yourself as the newly recruited business support executive to help the organization to enhance its business processes and decision-making process using the latest data science tools and techniques.

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Apply business support and data science tools and techniques into the context of the chosen organization and complete the tasks given below.

The answers should be presented in a professionally compiled business report with appropriate formatting and academic writing standards.

Task 1

Give a brief description to the organization chosen and its business processes.

Discuss how data and information support to run the business processes of the chosen organization and the tools currently in use to manipulate meaningful data to support organization’s business operations. Assess the value of data and information to the organization and its individuals to run the business processes effectively and evaluate the implications of using data and information to support the business processes. Your answer must include examples where necessary from the chosen organization.

Task 2

Based on the nature of the chosen organization and its processes, analyse, and discuss the common threats, impacts, social, legal, ethical implications associated with data/information use to support business processes. Describe how the threats and issues can be mitigated at a personal and organizational level by proposing suitable solutions.

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Task 3

Discuss how data science and the tools and technologies associated with it can be used support business process and inform decisions of organizations by taking at least two examples from the industry.

Identify a business problem or a requirement associate with decision making in the chosen organization and evaluate how it could be addressed using data science tools and technologies. Assess the benefits the organization and its users can receive through addressing the issue or meeting the business requirement identified.

Task 4

Design and implement a data science solution to support decision making problem or the requirement identified in task 3. Propose justified recommendations to improve the decision-making process of the organization with the support of data science solution implemented.

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