Select an organization of choice but of Pakistan’s origin. The size of selected organization: 30 Resource And Talent Planning (Level 5) Assignment, OU, UK

University The Open University (OU)
Subject 30 Resource And Talent Planning (Level 5)

Task 1 – scenario and guidance-LO1 LO2-Report

Select an organization of choice but of Pakistan’s origin. The size of the selected organization can be medium or large. You will be required to understand its operations from a resource planning perspective.

You will prepare a comprehensive report on your chosen organization. Provide a brief explanation of the chosen organization, its objectives, operations, and overall strategic direction. Proceed to carry out the following analysis.

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On how labor market trends affect HR practices in retaining and developing individuals with appropriate skills and talent.

How business goals influence resource and talent planning decisions, using examples from the organization you chose.

Provide a critical analysis, using research-based examples of labor market data and the impact the particular trends have on an organizations ability to define and develop talent.

Taking into consideration all the relevant research, provide an analysis on the different strategic approaches to talent management, planning, job analysis and design. Develop strategic resource and talent planning approaches in the context of the organization you chose, in order to improve recruitment and talent retention. Based on your research provide a critical analysis on the ability of the organization to recruit and retain talent to meet strategic HR objectives.

Provide research-based recommendations on how the organization you chose can become more effective in retaining and developing talent to fulfil strategic HR objectives

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TASK 2-LO3- Scenario and guidance- Report

Based on research of the chosen organization, analyze the importance of performance management and how it helps the organization in improving the capability of achieving sustainable performance. Make sure your examination of this is based on research and covers the following:

Relationship between performance management and the achievement of both personal and corporate objectives.

Clear explain and determine the components of a performance management template in order to meet business objectives.

Your report should also contain a critical analysis on the extent performance management facilitates in the attainment of sustainable performance. Examine the key features of performance management and how it impacts sustaining high performance.

Provide a detailed performance management template for the chosen organisation, make sure the template is based on evidence and helps the organisation achieve successful sustainable outcomes.

TASK 3-LO4-Report

Provide a complete assessment of the relevance of the HR lifecycles when it comes to managing change in workforce planning. Make sure your analysis examines the various stages of the lifecycle, and how this concept contributes to building an effective workforce planning.

Explain the implications of change management theories for workforce planning. Your report should also critically analyze the impact of specific stages of the lifecycles on effective talent management. Based on all the above provide solid recommendations to improve overall management of change, release strategies and transitioning phase in the organization you have picked.

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