Select an industry in which you are interested. It may be one in which you are currently working, aspire to work: Leadership and Management Assignment, CUL, UK

University City University of London (CUL)
Subject Leadership and Management


This assignment requires you to demonstrate the knowledge and skills that you have acquired during this module by producing a 4,000-word, fully referenced, academic report that addresses the issues concerning the complexities of leading organizations successfully through strategic change.

In order to complete the assignment, you will need to choose and research an appropriate organization.

Choosing an appropriate organization

Choosing an organization upon which to focus comprises three steps:

Step 1: Select an industry in which you are interested. It may be one in which you are currently working, aspire to work, or are otherwise familiar. It might include, for example, commercial airlines, banking, fashion retail, food retail, beauty, IT, publishing, hospitality, leisure and tourism, automotive, construction, insurance, pharmaceutical, film, oil and gas, mining, sport, etc.

Step 2: Select a business within that industry. This may be a specific business unit or a company that is part of a larger group.

Step 3: Identify a strategic change or changes in that business that is planned to be undertaken or one that you propose.

Researching your industry and organization

Your research involves systematically studying appropriate materials and sources in order to establish facts about your chosen industry and organization.

You can make use of the wide range of web resources available to help you to understand the context in which your organization operates, but do not limit yourself, to web-based sources of information. You should take care also to use academic, practitioner, industry, and company sources.


  • Identify a strategic change based on a critical environmental analysis of your
    chosen organization;
  • Devise a strategy to deliver this change based on a critical review of a range of organisational change strategies;
  • Critically evaluate how the change might impact organizational culture and
    recruitment. Make critical recommendations for how the change can be managed to overcome potential resistance and mitigate the impact on performance;
  • Based on a close critical analysis of leadership models and theories, evaluate the leadership capabilities needed to deliver this change and what approaches might support decisions on how to lead this change.

Guidance for Students

Purpose of the assignment

The aim of this assignment is for you to demonstrate your understanding of the knowledge and skills required in leading organizations successfully through strategic change. You are required to do this by providing recommendations to an organization you choose, based on a thorough analysis of the industry, the organization itself, and best practices.

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