Select a commercial building with a floor space footprint larger than 800 m2: Electrical Supply and Distribution work Assignment, UOS, UK

University University of Southampton (UOS)
Subject Electrical Supply and Distribution work Assignment

This assignment aims to provide you with the opportunity to evaluate the electrical services in a building and to demonstrate your awareness to sustainable solutions for carbon footprint reduction.

Assignment Brief
In groups of two students, write a 1500 words technical report to complete the following:

1.Select a commercial building with a floor space footprint larger than 800 m2
and evaluate the electrical supply to the building. Critically analyse the usage of the electrical power in the building.

2.Map out the transmission of the electrical supply from the generation plant to the building, hence considering the concepts of generation, transmission, distribution and supply. Discuss the use of substations in this chain of supply.

3.Through using of renewable heating or power sources, suggest an optimisation program for the reduction in the electrical power consumption of the selected building. You may use any simulation software for the purpose of this optimisation initiative. (e.g. RETSCREEN – free to download on Particular attention should be given to sustainable solutions for lighting and heating, and embedded power generation.

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