Research and choose a named global company that is currently experiencing: L7 Global Business Strategy Assignment, UOL, UK

University University of Law (UOL)
Subject L7 Global Business Strategy Assignment

A portfolio is a purposeful and organized collection of materials, artifacts, or evidence that showcases a person’s skills, accomplishments, experiences, and growth in a particular domain or field. The objects (usually termed artefacts) may be written, physical, digital or artistic, or any combination.
In this portfolio assignment, you will conduct a comprehensive analysis of a named global company facing a significant global problem. Your task is to research and identify a global company, either large or small, from any industry that is encountering challenges, such as a loss of market position or inability to gain/regain market share or operational challenges or, decline in revenues and profit.

By applying relevant theories and models, you will assess the condition of the global business environment and propose strategic options for the company’s sustainable growth and success, including the impact of leadership.

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Task Guidelines:
1. Phase 1 (Week 3) – Selecting a Global Company, Problem Identification and Diagnosis
a) Research and choose a named global company that is currently experiencing or did experience a significant challenge such as a loss of market position or inability to gain/regain market share or operational challenges or, decline in revenues and profit. The challenge that is chosen must have occurred within the last 5 years. The company can be small or large and should be operating in any industry of your choice.

b) Clearly identify the specific global problem faced by the selected company
and analyse the root causes and implications of the problem in the global business context. Apply appropriate theories and models (e.g., Fishbone, VRIO/VRIN, SWOT) to support your analysis and provide insights into the
company’s current situation.

2. Phase 2 (Week 6) – Researching Trends and Opportunities
a) Conduct extensive research on the global business environment of the selected company, using relevant theories and models (e.g., PESTEL, Porter’s 5 Forces) to analyse the company’s internal and external factors that may have contributed to the global challenges. As well as helping you to identify the challenges, the analysis must identify opportunities in the global business environment.

3. Phase 3 (Week 8) – Developing Global Strategic Options and Role of Leadership
a) Propose at least two strategic options that the company could/can consider to address its global problem, highlighting the role of leadership and leadership styles.

b) You may include aim of strategy (using BCG Matrix), tactics (using Ansoff Product-Market Mix), method of strategy (using Competitive Generic Strategy) and other international strategies. Justify each strategic option by considering its feasibility, potential impact, and alignment with the company’s goals and resources.

4. Phase 4 (Week 9) – Conclusions, Recommendations and Reflections
a) Summarise the key findings of your analysis and strategic
recommendations, discussing how your proposed strategies will positively
impact the company’s future performance and competitiveness in the global

b) Reflect on your own learning journey while completing this portfolio
assessment. Remember the reflection section has to be written in informal
language. E.g. I found that… / I felt that…/ I learned that… etc.

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