Provide key findings based on secondary research carried out and data found: Marketing Assignment, NU, UK

Task 1 – Organisation Situation Analysis research

Produce a background to the company including:

  • Size of organization
  • Range of products and services
  • Customer base and main competitors
  • Stakeholders – key internal and external stakeholders
  • Media platforms used by the client and their following (digital and traditional).
  • A brief overview of the organization’s digital marketing at the moment (taking into account media used and Search behavior that might influence your digital solution)

Task 2 – Target Customers Research and findings

Provide key findings based on secondary research carried out and data found to establish facts given in Task 1. Include in your findings:

  • Identify two target customers. For ONE target customer describe 2-3 different persona based on data and research.
  • Identify common pain points these personas might experience based on research and observations.
  • Using researched and referenced insights suggest the best media to attract chosen target customer. Thinking of relevant touchpoints in the customer journey. Based on the customer journey, select touchpoint and media that relevant to on- and offline.

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Findings should be based on recent and reliable research and data analysis from a wide range of resources which should be clearly referenced following the HBS Harvard referencing guide/system.

Task 3 – Digital solution and Campaign objectives

Using the research and persona in task 2 and the background and goals of the business in task 1, suggest at least one digital solution (website improvement/app / voice search or other) that would meet the business objectives while also considering customer pain points when visiting the Nestle Nescafe:

  • Explain the reasoning and ideation behind the digital solution that your team is suggesting while mapping it against objectives.
  • Also include 2-3 key general objectives that you think Nestle Nescafe can achieve if they implement the digital solution mapped against different stages of a customer journey.

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