PGBM135: The apparel retailer H&M has made an incredible journey since its start in 1947 with a single store for women’s clothing: Global Strategy and Foresight, Assignment, UO, UK

University University of Oxford (UO)
Subject PGBM135: Global Strategy and Foresight
  • Assessment 1 – H&M 

The apparel retailer H&M has made an incredible journey since its start in 1947 with a single store for women’s clothing in Sweden to become one of the leading global fashion and design groups. Currently, H&M has 4200 stores in 72 countries and employs around 177,000 employees worldwide. H&M also has a robust online presence, and its products are available in 47 online markets (platforms/ countries). A pioneer in ‘fast fashion, H&M has positioned itself as a firm that responds quickly to new trends and creates fashion items that are made available to customers both online and in-stores immediately after that.

You are required to answer the following three questions that pertain to the case – H&M. For further details on H&M, you may refer to the case study, ‘H&M in fast fashion: continued success?’ (Exploring Strategy, pp- 576 – 583). It is also recommended that you research information additional to the case study to support your arguments. This may be obtained from a diverse range of sources, and you are encouraged to explore the issues in whichever way you deem appropriate.

  • Sources of Competitive Advantage and its relevance to management

Critically review the theories of competitive advantage and evaluate their relevance to management. In particular, discuss how such theories could inform H&M managers in their quest to gain sustainable competitive advantage.

  • strategy and strategic position

H&M’s home page includes several statements like“We are a family of brands with a shared ambition to make great design available to everyone in a sustainable way. Together we offer fashion, design and experiences that enable people around the world to be inspired and to express their own personal style” (H&M, 2018); “Fashion and quality clothing at the best price”.Drawing from relevant literature, critically discuss how the above statements from H&M align with the firm’s resources and capabilities.

  • The role of innovation and internationalization in a firm’s Competitive Advantage

Evaluate the relevance of innovation and internationalization in designing and implementing H&M’s strategy/ competitive position

  • Assessment 2: 

As part of this assessment, you are to prepare and present a one-page poster that includes

  1. Identify trends within the ‘fast fashion industry which you consider key drivers for change for H&M and why?
  2. Are there other megatrends that might be important for H&M?
  3. Construct (5 or 10 years) scenarios for H&M.
  4. Using the identification of megatrends and/or scenarios, consider the potential impact of future environmental forces on H&M’s business in terms of threats and opportunities.

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