Perform a PESTEL analysis for the chosen business: Context of Business Report Assignment, UOS, UK

University University of Suffolk (UOS)
Subject Context of Business Report Assignment

For this assignment, Read the questions carefully and do your research on the company

1. Perform a PESTEL analysis for the chosen business.

2. From the analysis in task 1, in your opinion, evaluate how the changes in PESTEL factors have influenced the Opportunities and Threats for the chosen business in the UK.  (In your opinion what are the two major opportunities and 2 main threats in the future?)

3. Compare any two possible styles of leadership that you feel will suit the business and two that in your view are unsuitable.

  • In this you will reflect on the knowledge you gained from your research and how it benefitted in applying the theories to the practical framework of the chosen organisation. Suggest a reflective model to use, or offer a selection?

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