NURS500: Determine the purpose of the analysis: Theoretical Foundations of Advanced Assignment, UON, UK

University University of Nottingham (UON)
Subject NURS500: Theoretical Foundations of Advanced

Elements to evaluate:

I- Title and Introduction-Present a summary

II- Presents the concept to be analyzed

  1. Determine the purpose of the analysis
  2. Identify all uses of the concept

A) Presents all possible definitions (not only in Nursing field)

B) Use all possible disciplines

  • Determine the attributes of the concept
  • Build a model case (Only Nursing case)
  • Build a similar case (Only Nursing case)
  • Build an opposite case (Only Nursing case)
  • Identify the antecedents and consequences
  • Indicates the empirical methods that can be used to measure the concept

III- Use APA guidelines

Includes list of references using APA (minimum 8 sources) 

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