NUR X/Y/A – 3002: Explore and reflect on the impact leadership has in dealing with critical incidents/events: Leadership and service improvement Assignment, DMU, UK

University De Montfort University (DMU)
Subject NURA3002 Leadership and service improvement Assignment

NUR X/Y/A – 3002 Leadership & Service Improvement

Assessment Details

Explore and reflect on the impact leadership has in dealing with critical incidents/events and service development.

Students are required to undertake a 2-part assessment which are both submitted together.

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Part 1 Reflective Statement

Students produce a 500-word description of an untoward/serious incident or critical event they have witnessed/been aware of in practice. This should be written in the style of a reflection, and must be FoP specificand keep clinical area and those involved anonymous.



  • Detail of incident
  • Who was involved?
  • What were the outcomes?
  • What could you learn from this?

We would advise you use Rolfe’s (2001) model of critical reflection as this is used by the NMC for revalidation. It is a useful model and only has 3 stages What, So what and Now What?


Part 2 Critical Appraisal (2,500)

Produce 2500 words on how leadership and management principles could be applied to address the incident/event you detailed in your reflection. The Critical appraisal and any recommendations/suppositions should be supported with contemporary literature.


  • Appraise contemporary leadership theories and models relevant to nursing practice and the nurses’ role as a leader, role model and change agent.

Eg: How did/do theories and models inform/impact/influence your event?

  • Analyse the role of the nurse in delivering patient focussed outcomes through the use of field of practice specific demographic data, quality standards, risk assessment, audit, change and performance management.

Eg. What methods/tools/data/assessments were/could be used to assess the impact of your event and develop a service change/improvment?

  • Critically explore the nurse’s role as a leader, a role model and change agent, in promoting and supporting health and global sustainability in the field of practice specific setting.

Eg. What was the nurses’ role as leader/role model change agent in the event/incident, what did they do at the time/after the event to demonstrate leadership? Who did/could they influence, who did/could they support?

  • Critically discuss the importance of team working; including appropriate delegation, supervision, utilisation of effective inter-professional working practices, recognising the contributions of all members of the health and social care team in the field of practice specialty

Eg. What was the contribution/impact of the team, was team working established, was it effective.

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