MOD007694: As the world transitions into the fourth industrial revolution: Introduction to Financial Technology Assignment, UK

University Imperial College London (ICL)
Subject MOD007694: Introduction to Financial Technology


As the world transitions into the fourth industrial revolution, defined by digital connectivity and connected technology (Xu, David, and Kim, 2018), individuals are increasingly expecting new and innovative ways of conducting transactions. With the current waves of technological innovation, consumers are increasingly inclined towards automated systems, thus leading the way for the evolution of service channels.

Financial technology, popularly referred to as FinTech, has brought about such innovative changes in the financial sector by utilising these modem technologies and systems to deliver prompt service and enhanced customer relationships (Nicoletti, 2017; Rubini, 2017; Lynn, et al, 2019). Consistent with this, Nicoletti (2017) suggests that the younger generations are not interested in simply accepting what the traditional banks offer, but rather, are in search of a service that meets the needs of the consumer (Cui and Wu, 2016), thus improving customer experience. FinTech disruption allows for a smarter and more responsive approach to quandaries in the financial industry (Rubini, 2017); with both being agile and asset-light (Arjunwadkar, 2018).

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