MOD004054: You are a newly appointed manager in a residential care home for adults with learning disability: Healthcare Environment Report, ARU, UK

University Anglia Ruskin University (ARU)
Subject MOD004054: Healthcare Environment

Assessment Structure, Culture, and the Healthcare Manager Report


Case Study

You are a newly appointed manager in a residential care home for adults with
learning disability. The owners of the company are a separated couple who often argue and do not talk to one another, and do not regularly answer their phones or email. The organisation has a small team of five support workers, two domiciliary workers and an unfilled vacancy for a senior healthcare assistant and receptionist.

The gardener is the owner’s son. He also does small repairs including electrical
work, although he is not a qualified electrician. There is often confusion of roles and responsibilities amongst staff who are a friendly team and try to help each other out by doing tasks for one another. You find out from a resident’s family member that there is still an unresolved complaint of a skin irritation that occurred over a month ago.

On investigation you find out this was a result of a change to the resident’s detergent without their knowledge. Staff had initially tried to hide who had changed the resident’s detergent. Eventually the owner’s son stated that he was just trying to help out by finding a cheaper product in the local supermarket.

You have decided to meet with the owners of the residential care home to raise issues of concern and find solutions for more effective environment.

Assessment criteria

Based on the case study above, write a 3000-word report to the owners of the
organisation that addresses the issues within the healthcare environment.

  • Describe and present advantages and disadvantages of two different organisational structures in relation to the case study.
  • Explain how organisational structure presented in the case study impacts
    organisational culture.
  • Discuss the role of the healthcare manager with consideration to the factors
    presented in the case study.

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