MKT264: Please read the following case study about Jasmi’s Corporation W.L.L., a Bahraini company: Group Case Study Analysis, Assignment, UK

Subject MKT264 Group Case Study Analysis

Group Case Study Analysis

Please read the following case study about Jasmi’s Corporation W.L.L., a Bahraini company, and answer ALL of the questions that come after based on your understanding of the case study and your studies of MKT264.

Jasmi’s, an iconic fast-food chain in Bahrain, has significantly contributed to the food and service industry since its establishment in 1986. Founder Jassim AlAmeen spotted a gap in the Bahraini market for food service industries.

Thus, he started a family business alongside his brother, Adnan, and spent years experimenting with food and understanding the market of Bahrain and the Middle East to create value for customers. It has grown into a popular brand among locals and tourists alike, known for its distinctive, yet affordable, sandwiches and burgers.

Despite facing stiff competition from international fast-food chains, Jasmi’s continues to thrive due to its understanding of their customers’ demands and satisfying them, profitably. However, with changing consumer preferences  towards healthier options, Jasmi’s needed to revise its menu to maintain its customer base.  Jasmi’s initiated a menu reshuffling, incorporating healthier options alongside their conventional offerings. They introduced salads, grilled sandwiches, and fresh juices, ensuring they catered to a broader market of health-conscious customers. Alongside, it continued to retain and innovate its original food items.

Jasmi’s also worked on enhancing the customer experience. It adopted new technologies, including a mobile app for online orders, pick-up, and delivery services. The company focused on maintaining its main commitment to quality, cleanliness, and exceptional service, despite the expansion. After having strengthened its reputation and its hold in Bahrain’s food industry, Jasmi’s launched three additional restaurants, each catering to a different audience: Jasmi’s Coffee, Le Chocolat, Jio Chicken and Marash.

They went on to open a franchise of Giordano (an international retailer of apparel), Luxe Living (a luxury furniture retailer), and HRS (a hotel and restaurant supplier). Jasmi’s restaurant’s journey demonstrates that being open to change, adapting to market demands, and embracing innovation while honoring tradition can lead to sustained success even in a competitive market.

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Q1: In [150 to 200] words, Based on your studies of value propositions and customer satisfaction, and your understanding of the case study, answer the following questions. (2 marks)

a) Identify Jasmi’s value proposition. (1 mark)
b) Explain how it contributes to customer satisfaction. (1 mark)

Q2: In [150 to 200] words, based on your studies of developing strategies for growth, and your understanding of the case study, answer the following questions. (2 marks)
a) Suggest the strategy for growth that Jasmi’s can follow to expand their portfolio.
b) Define the chosen strategy for growth.
c) Justify your answer.

Q3: In [150 to 200] words, based on your studies of the consumer decision-making process and your understanding of the case study, trace the consumer decision-making process of a Jasmi’s customer for at least 3 stages and provide a specific marketing suggestion that the brand may use to influence decision-making at your chosen stages. (2 marks)

Q4: In [150 to 200] words, based on your studies of the Marketing Mix (4 P’s) and your understanding of the cast study, complete the below outline of Jasmi’s Marketing Mix and justify your choice for each element. (2 marks)

Group Case Study Analysis

Q5: In [150 to 200] words, based on your studies on brand development and your understanding of the case study, discuss Jasmi’s decision to expand its enterprise by launching new restaurants, as well as venture into very different fields, such as launching a luxury furniture retail shop. Discuss both situations with emphasis on potential advantages, and potential risks associated. (2 marks)

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