IY2S510: o evaluate and analyze the tools, techniques, principles, and practices: Compliance and Risk Management Assignment, USW, UK

University University Of South Wales (USW)
Subject IY2S510: Compliance and Risk Management

Assessment Description

This assessment is in conjunction with The Royal Mint, individually you are required to act as a gap analysis specialist that will focus on completing a gap analysis of The Royal Mint’s access control policy (provided on Blackboard). Once the analysis has been completed, it may be beneficial to use a risk management framework to help in this process. Ensure to produce recommendations to The Royal Mint on how to improve their access control policy with a good amount of justification for each recommendation provided.

Assessment Deliverables:

On successful completion of the module, the student will be able to:
1. To evaluate and analyze the tools, techniques, principles, and practices associated with Cyber Governance and Compliance.
2. To evaluate corporate governance strategies to mitigate risk.

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