Identify and evaluate the role of ‘marketing analytics’ in the current activities of the focal business in delivering value to its customers: Marketing & Strategy Analytics Assignment, UOW, UK

University University of Wolverhampton (UOW)
Subject Marketing & Strategy Analytics

Question 1

  • Identify and evaluate the role of ‘marketing analytics’ in the current activities of the focal business in delivering value to its customers.
  • Critically discuss other opportunities that can provide the focal business with delivering value to its customers.
  • Discuss the potential ethical issues that may arise from the implementation of ‘marketing analytics’ for the focal business.

Question 2

Imagine that you work for an energy tech company, namely, Gsunsolar. The company is active in selling and installing solar panels for homeowners. The recent increase in the price of oil and gas has increased interest in new renewable energy sources; therefore, Gsunsolar wants to get the most out of this situation.

In this regard, the CEO decided to run an ad campaign on Facebook. The CEO decided to run the following two different types of ad campaigns on Facebook:

  • ‘No targeting’: do not target any specific user on Facebook
  • ‘Targeting’: target users who are interested in one of the following topics
    a. “Vegan food”
    b. “Saving on energy bills”
    c. “Saving the planet”
    d. “Luxury products”
    e. “Green energy”

The CEO of GSUNSolar is now done with the campaign and is asking you to evaluate the results. In particular, the CEO would like to understand the following:

  • Did the ‘Targeting’ campaign generate more shares?
  • Which topic(s) should be considered for targeting users in future campaigns?
  • Did the ‘Targeted’ campaign generate more profit than the ‘No targeting’ campaign? Discuss ‘why’ based on your results.

Question 3

An apparel retailer would like to understand its current customers better. To this aim, the retailer is asking you to: Identify and group its existing customers into meaningful clusters that individuals within a cluster are similar to each other but different than those individuals in other clusters.

To this end, you put together a dataset including the following list of variables:

Marketing & strategy analytics

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