HI5017: Group Assignment: Managerial Accounting, HID, UK

University Holmes Institute Dublin (HID)
Subject HI5017:Managerial Accounting

Purpose of the assessment

Students are required to develop their understanding of the types of management accounting information that assists managers in organisational planning and control purposes. You need to critically evaluate the literature (using journal articles) and online reputable sources (e.g. government reports and professional accounting bodies’ websites) to determine the practical use of management accounting information by contemporary organisations and their relevance to decision-making by managers and achievement of business goals. (ULO 1, 2, 3 and 4).

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Part A 

  1. Examine the historical evolution of Management Accounting (MA) from its origins to the present day, highlighting key factors driving its evolution. Support your discussion with relevant examples and empirical evidence where applicable.
  2. Based on your research findings from (1) above, select and discuss two factors that particularly interested you. Justify your choices by explaining why these factors stood out to you in the context of MA’s evolution.
  3. Discuss the benefits of understanding the origins of Management Accounting (MA) for a management accountant in modern organizational contexts. Provide specific examples or scenarios to support your argument.

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Part B

Read the journal article: Sustainable and Clean Energy: The Case of Tesla Company (Maradin, Malnar,  & Kaštelan, 2022), as provided in Blackboard, or click the link: https://ijefm.co.in/v5i12/Doc/10.pdf  to access the article and answer the following questions:

  1. Identify the various types of management accounting information, specifically 4 financial and 4 non- financial in the journal article and present your answer in a table format.
  2. Choose any two concepts listed below and describe how they are implemented in Tesla Company.
  • Strategic Planning: Describe how Tesla applies strategic planning in its operations.
  • Costing: Explain how Tesla utilizes costing methods in its business processes.
  • Sustainability: Discuss how Tesla integrates sustainability practices into its operations.
  • Value Creation: Describe how Tesla focuses on creating value for its stakeholders.
  • Value Chain: Explain how Tesla manages and optimizes its value chain to enhance efficiency and create value for its customers.

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