GMDGBS202 justify an appropriate business decision-making model that would enable the business: Business Decision Making Assignment, UOS, UK

University University of Suffolk (UOS)
Subject GMDGBS202 – Business Decision Making

Task 1

1.1 Select and justify an appropriate business decision-making model that would enable the business to make and take key decisions (e.g., the 5,6, or 7-step decision-making process; MCDA; utilization of critical thinking, etc.).

1.2 Create a plan for the collection of primary and secondary data for the above business issue and discuss the issues involved in making complex business decisions. Note that an outline plan is required rather than an actual carrying out of a survey(s). Try to utilize a GANTT chart

1.3 Select and justify an appropriate decision-making framework that you could use? Logically, it must be one which most appropriately suits the business you have chosen to set-up, e.g., AARRR; OKR; Market Opportunity Navigator.

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