Explain the rationale for an organization to want to market internationally. Critically evaluate the challenges and opportunities: International Marketing Assignment, UCS, UK

University University Centre Somerset (UCS)
Subject International Marketing

You are working as an international expansion associate working for an organization in their International Expansion Team; playing a critical role in growing product and service offerings in new markets.

You have a cross-functional role working closely with different areas of the business to identify business needs and adapt strategic approaches.

Currently, you are working with the marketing department. You have been asked to prepare a detailed report for the marketing team which offers a critical international market analysis of your chosen international market.

The report should help the marketing department to determine which international market has the potential to enter.

Your report should identify how attractive that international market and customer base is for your product to help inform potential market entry strategy.


  • Explain the rationale for an organization to want to market internationally.
  • Critically evaluate the challenges and opportunities of international marketing and highlight the main differences to local marketing.
  • Introduce the key concepts of international marketing and evaluate the various routes to market an organization can adopt and which route the company should adopt and why?
  • There are many international markets that an organization can enter, so critically evaluate the key criteria and selection process that the company should use when considering which international market to enter.
  • Explain what a market entry strategy is, using examples, analyze two strategies that are available to the organization, and evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each.
  • Conclusions and recommendations on how and why the company should enter the international market and how the organization should adapt its marketing strategies for various markets.

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