Each group will produce a Scheme Design Presentation in PowerPoint. The presentation will articulate: structural Analysis Report, UWE, UK

University University of the West of England (UWE)
Subject structural Analysis Report
  1. Task (1): Group Progress Presentation. (15 mins) (20%)

    Each group will produce a Scheme Design Presentation in PowerPoint. The
    presentation will articulate:
    • The proposed scheme solution
    • Initial design details
    • The stability provision within the structure
    • A Statement on the principle challenges faced:

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    a. undertaking the scheme design,
    b. working in a team
    c. how working together in a team could have been improved

    Task (2): Group Portfolio – 6000 words (35%)
    In your design team you will:
    Undertake the basic design (Scheme Design) to produce the structural size and details of:
    1. Basement:
    • Structural Beams
    • Structural Columns

    2. Ground Floor:
    • Structural Beams
    • Structural Columns

    3. First Floor:
    • Structural Beams
    • Structural Columns

    4. Second Floor
    • Structural Beams
    • Structural Columns

    5. Third Floor
    • Structural Columns
    • The structural Timber Tie Beams associated with the roof You are NOT required to design the floor slab

    You are not required to design stairs or lift structure, only to show their locations and calculate carry loads.

    Task (3): Individual Report – 2000 words (45%)
    The individual report should be consisted of following four individual assignments:

    1. Re-design the assigned columns for you in all floors by considering of having AB (kN) lateral force due to applied wind load. AB is the last 2 digit of your student number. (15 Marks)

    2. An assessment of the Health and Safety hazards associated with constructing the structure. You should include a RAG assessment for the principle hazards and the mitigations you propose to reduce these to an acceptable level. (10 Marks)

    3. A basic embodied carbon calculation for your structure and an assessment of how this could be reduced through proposing a new concept design yet still achieve the client’s requirements. (15 Marks)

    4. A reflection on the challenges you faced in undertaking the assessment and how YOU could have approached the assessment differently based on Gibbs model (600 words). (5 Marks)

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