Describe and explain the historical ideological and regional context that led to the establishment of that system: Political Systems Case study, UOS, UK

University University of Southampton (UOS)
Subject Political Systems

Assessment Brief

Write a case study that explains the current political system of an existing state of your choice, apart from the UK or the USA. Also, if you did a case study for SS30365W Introduction to Politics last year, you must choose a different state for your case study for this module.

Your case study should have three parts: Describe and explain the historical, ideological, and regional context that led to the establishment of that system, for instance how it was affected by waves of democracy, its colonial and post-colonial history, how it was affected by the end of the cold war or the Arab Spring, and so on.

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This section should be about 300 words. Describe and explain its political system and other relevant issues such as the political culture, the freedom of political communication, and any other aspects that may be relevant to your particular case. This section should be about 1,000 words.

Conclude with a qualified judge of the suitability of the system and its medium-term prospects in a way that is supported by your overall case study. This section should be about 200 words. Your case study should: Have appropriate content that draws from relevant literary sources. Have an appropriate structure that advances an argument to a reasonable and defensible conclusion. Be written in the appropriate academic style and vocabulary.

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