Describe 2 storage techniques and compare their uses, strengths and limitations: IT and Networking Assignment, UOB, UK

University University of Bedfordshire (UOB)
Subject IT and Networking

1.1: Describe 2 storage techniques and compare their uses, strengths and limitations. What is the software you would suggest to protect the stored data in the above-mentioned storage techniques? Briefly list down their pros and cons.

1.2: Identify a trending industry and explain how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be used to optimize its operations.

1.3: Assuming you want to implement the above solution to your company create a requirement specification to submit to the vendor.

1.4: Create wireframes for the above-proposed solution, covering your requirement specification given in question.

Assessment Criteria

1.1. Analyze the uses, strengths and limitations of different categories of hardware and software.

1.2. Analyze the applications of artificial intelligence (AI).

1.3. Produce a specification of requirements for an application that meets the brief.

1.4. Create and present presentations that demonstrate an application layout using planning tools.

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