Dependency theory argues that the economic exploitation of colonized nations did not stop with decolonization: Politics of Asia Assignment, LU, UK

University Lancaster University (LU)
Subject Politics of Asia
  1. Dependency theory argues that the economic exploitation of colonized nations did not stop with decolonization. Discuss in terms of Raul Prebishc’s theory.
  2. According to Edward Said “Orientalism” is when “The West is active and the East is passive” – In terms of Said and Bernard Lewis, discuss.
  3. China’s economic miracle, democracy, human rights, and religious freedoms. Discuss.
  4. The North Korean population lives on a subsistence diet next to one of the richest countries in the world – South Korea. Why?
  5. “Major world powers are jostling for political and economic influence in Africa”. BBC, 20th Feb 2020. Discuss.
  6. In Newsweek on June 14, Milton Friedman, who is the intellectual architect and unofficial adviser for the team of economists now running the Chilean economy, stated: “In spite of my profound disagreement with the authoritarian political system of Chile, I do not consider it as evil for an econ­omist to render technical economic advice to the Chilean Government, any more than I would regard it as evil for a physician to give technical medical advice to the Chilean Government to help end a medical plague.”

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