define the term ‘communication’ and state why communication is important: Health Care Diploma, OU, UK

University The Open University (OU)
Subject Health Care Diploma

Module 1      Promote effective communication for and about individuals

Activity 1

  1. In your own words, define the term ‘communication’ and state why communication is important.
  2. Explain the main features of a care organisation’s Mission Statement or Philosophy of Care.
  3. Explain what is meant by the term equity, and how this relates to the communication needs of the individuals in a care setting


Activity 2

  1. Where could you find information about clients’ communication needs and preferences?
  2.  What factors does ‘an assessment of an individual’s communication needs’ take into consideration?
  3. Describe how the conditions of clients within a care organisation affect their communication and create barriers.  Give at least three examples.
  4. Describe how and why you should seek information when issues to be communicated are outside your expertise.

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