Define hospitality business and explore the different types of businesses within the hospitality sector industry and examine the diverse products and services they offer to the customers: Hospitality Management Assignment, ICT, UK

University ICON College of Technology and Management (ICTM)
Subject Hospitality Management

HND Assignment Brief

Session: February 2021

Assignment Context and Scenario:

Gaining insight into the hospitality industry and how hospitality organizations operate remains the primary purpose of this unit. This coursework assignment, therefore, consists of tasks aimed at helping the learner understand the nature and structure of the contemporary hospitality industry as well as the scope and scale of the hospitality operations.

The learner will need to understand the hospitality business environment in which the external and internal factors are said to affect its operations. Also, an understanding of the current and potential trends, including the hospitality skills requirements will be needed.

Therefore, consider yourself as a newcomer to the hospitality industry joining as a graduate management trainee. At the end of your posting in your new organisation, you are required to submit a report to the senior management team to demonstrate your understanding of the hospitality industry and operations and, therefore, your report will have the following items to be addressed under four learning outcomes.

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Choose a medium to large hospitality organisation operating in the UK. Consider you are being posted at the company Head Quarter with visiting assignments in a number of hotels within the UK for a period of 12 months.

Learning Outcome 1: Examine the current structure, scope and size of the hospitality industry

Define hospitality business and explore the different types of businesses within the hospitality sector industry (you may use the UK to illustrate your answer) and examine the diverse products and services they offer to the customers.

Explain how hospitality businesses coordinate different functions and examine a range of operational and functional departments within your chosen hospitality business and review the interrelationship of the operational and functional units.

The hospitality sector generates a huge economic impact. Discuss the contribution of the hospitality industry to the local, national and international economies and assess how the use of franchising and licensing agreements have influenced the global development of the hospitality industry. Analyse how global growth, franchising development and licensing have contributed to the economic worth of the hospitality industry.

Learning Outcome 2: Explore current and anticipated skills requirement in the hospitality industry

Identify some key hospitality functions and investigate a range of different operational roles within the hospitality industry. Provide examples using your organisation.

Examine the current skills required within the hospitality industry and discuss the skills shortages, and review the skills gaps within the hospitality industry in relation to a range of different operational roles drawing examples from your chosen organisation. Analyse the impact that skills gaps have on hospitality businesses using your organisation as an example and make valid solutions for addressing these skills gaps.

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Learning Outcome 3: Review the internal and external factors that impact the hospitality industry and how they relate to current issues facing the hospitality industry

Assess the key external forces such as political, economic, environmental, legislative and technological factors affecting the operation of the hospitality industry using your chosen organisation as an example. Evaluate the impacts of external factors on the growth and development of your chosen hospitality organisation.

On the basis of internal and external environments, undertake a SWOT analysis for the chosen hospitality organisation and review how this can be used for business decision-making and critically evaluate how external factors impact current and potential trends and developments on your organisation using specific examples to demonstrate what they have developed as a response to the developing trends.

Learning Outcome 4: Analyse the current and potential trends and developments affecting the hospitality industry

By providing a range of specific examples, drawing from your chosen organisation if appropriate, appraise the implications of current and potential trends in the hospitality industry. Evaluate the ability of specific hospitality business to develop products and services to meet current trends (you may use your chosen organisation as the case study).

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