CYP5212: Good mental health is essential for everyone, according to the Department of Health* (2011) “there is no health without mental health: Mental Health Today Assignment, LTU, UK

University Leeds Trinity University(LTU)
Subject CYP5212: Mental Health Today

Good mental health is essential for everyone, according to the Department of Health* (2011) “there is no health without mental health”. In this module, you will use health data to investigate trends and patterns of mental illness and evaluate how current policy and legislation aims to prevent and tackle the wider underlying causes of mental ill-health. You will learn how theories
of positive psychology inform our understanding of the ways people respond, interpret, and recover from mental ill-health considering the role of personal resilience on their experiences. Assessment, care planning, and interventions for mental ill-health will be explored through the lens of service user case studies and culturally informed practice.

Learning outcomes

  • Analyze national and international data from various sources on mental ill-health trends, across the life course.
  • Appraise the evidence on the effectiveness of positive psychology-based
    interventions in preventing and treating mental ill-health for a selected target group.
  • Apply and communicate effectively an understanding of the complex nature of
    causes and effects of mental ill-health to an analysis and interpretation of a selected case study.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of personal resilience both in the context of
    prevention and treatment of target groups and own personal resilience levels.

Summary of Content:
Conceptualizing mental health and mental ill-health within a theoretical framework. Understanding the scale and trends in mental ill-health nationally and internationally across the life-course, and policy and legislative responses to these; exploring differing interpretations and representations of mental ill-health nationally and internationally; evaluating the evidence on causes of mental ill-health; evaluation of responses to mental ill-health across different population groups, at different life stages and in different settings; appraisal of the role of positive psychology in mental health and ill-health responses; considering the role of personal resilience in experiences of mental health,
and as a personal attribute for working in health and social care settings.

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