Create a formal business proposal for Manzaneque Limited. It should include user and system requirements: Database Design & Development Assignment, CUL, UK

University City University of London (CUL)
Subject Database Design & Development

Assignment activity and guidance

Based on the Help Desk scenario you will need to:
1) Create a formal business proposal for Manzaneque Limited. It should include user and system requirements that develop a fully functional design of the relational database for the IT helpdesk system, including ERDs, normalisation, data validation, output designs and interface diagrams evaluating the reasons that the design will meet the requirements as given effectively

2) Create and fully implement the database Help Desk system for Manzaneque Limited, according to your design, including user interface, inputs, outputs, data validation, and querying across multiple tables using a query language. The system must also be fully secure and maintainable

3) Develop and action a test plan with effective tests:
a) This must include effective data, and extreme and erroneous data in order to build an accurate picture of the viability of the database
b) Tests must assess the breadth and usability of the programme as well as the requirements in the brief
c) Tests must include meaningful data and elements that would be in a successful implementation.

4) Produce a written report:
a) Evaluating the effectiveness of the database against user requirements and
suggesting improvements

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