Construct an ITO for the Skopos business: Business management and marketing, Assignment, LSBU, UK

University London South Bank University (LSBU)
Subject Business management and marketing


PART 1 Ops Foundation  maps

  • Construct an ITO for the Skopos business.
  • Map the process for order fulfilment starting at enquiry followed by estimating, manufacture and including installation of the fitted curtain product’s by Skopos.
  • Construct an upstream and downstream supply network diagram for Skopos.


Produce a capacity and demand model and scenario plans for SKOPOS’s curtain manufacturing  resources.

Include an outline of your conclusions and analysis. recommendations based on your these, devise a revised inventory plan.

Approximately half of the marks for part 2 are for the calculations/model – the other half are for relating to the case context.

PART 3: Operations Analysis Report

a) Conduct a Lean analysis of Skopos and utilising this construct some applied plans to make the business ‘leaner’

b) Identify how your Lean Improvement plans could improve Skopos’s operational performance in their competitive context.

Remember you can utilise your work from Part 1 and 2.

You MUST apply RELEVANT theory to answer the question

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