CI7260: You are working for a company that specializes in bespoke software development: Software Quality Engineering Assessment Compendium Assignment, KU, UK

University Kingston University(KU)
Subject CI7260: Software Quality Engineering Assessment Compendium

Module Learning Outcomes assessed in this piece of coursework

  • Compare, and evaluate the concepts and terms defined in software quality assurance, the tools and the metrics together with related industrial standards for software evaluation throughout the software development lifecycle.
  • Analyze the benefits and pitfalls of applying software quality assurance and testing plans in different software development contexts.
  • Critically evaluate the issues related to multi-layered architectures for web-based infrastructures suitable for developing and deploying web applications, and produce the design elements of the project
  • Apply and use markup languages, scripting languages, and document object models for the development of Client-side components of Web Applications. Create and consume Web Services and APIs
  • Apply Database Access, Object-Relational-Mapping (ORM) and Model-View-Controller (MVC) frameworks and techniques for developing Server-side components of Web Applications.

Develop software quality assurance and testing strategies, including security and usability aspects, and plans for given web development projects, and develop a demonstration system that utilizes appropriate tools and techniques

Assessment scenario

You are working for a company that specialises in bespoke software development.  The company has been asked by a recruitment agency to develop an application that would enable job-seekers to fill their CV online in a structured way.  The application would enable the agency to search the CVs to find job-seekers with a particular qualification, skill or experience.

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