CHTM38: Provide a brief overview of the content of each article and provide an indication: Research Method Assignment, UON, UK

University University of Nottingham (UON)
Subject CHTM38: Research Method

(1)  Introduction

This should clearly state what the report is about, provide a brief overview of the content of each article and provide an indication of how the report will be structured – suggested maximum of 250 words

(2)  Identification and critical evaluation of the methodology and methods

Each article should be discussed separately.  For each article, critically evaluate the methodology and methods used in the research.   This should include evaluations of the research paradigms underpinning the methods used, the way in which the research is designed, the actual methods used and the techniques of data analysis.     Not all aspects of the methodology and methods used might be obvious or directly stated and you might need to infer this based on the evidence in the article. Ask yourself – what are the strengths and weaknesses of these approaches and why (or why not)

have they been the most appropriate to use in each research project?  Could other approaches have been used to address the research questions and objectives?  Why or why not?  It is recommended that you spend equal time on discussing each article – suggested 1,250 words each or total of 2,500 words

(3)  Conclusions and recommendations

This should provide a clear and insightful summary to the report.  Highlight the key points and controversies in the report and any recommendations you might wish to make – suggested maximum of 250 words

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You should read a range of relevant books, journal articles and any other credible sources to substantiate your arguments.  I would suggest that for a 3,000 word report you will need to have read about 15-20 academic books and journal articles.   Non-academic references such as government reports/internet are in addition to this total.  You might wish to ask yourself these questions before submission- Have I referred to all the sources that I have consulted and which I

have used to inform my arguments in the body of the report?  Have I ensured that my references are correctly presented according to the Harvard style?  Have I checked to make sure that all the references I have cited in the body of my report are included in my reference list?  Have I ensured that all the references on my reference list have been used in the report?

You should only include references on your reference list that have been cited in the body of the report.  Please consult the ‘Cite Them Right’ resource provided through the library to ensure that you are using the correct style of referencing (Harvard).  Please also pay attention to information on Plagiarism to ensure that you avoid this.

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