CAD/CAM Design and CNC Manufacturing Project: Opportunity to apply CAD/CAM principles in designing and manufacturing a tangible product using the CNC machining, fostering practical skills, Assignment, UOP, UK

University University of Plymouth(UoP)
Subject CAD/CAM Design and CNC Manufacturing Project

1. Objective:

 provides students with a comprehensive opportunity to apply CAD/CAM principles in designing and manufacturing a tangible product using the CNC
machining, fostering practical skills and knowledge in engineering design and production processes.
 design a product and create a digital model using CAD software, generate a
manufacturing program using G-code for CNC machining.
 documenting the design process and outcomes in a written report.

2. Project Overview:

Product Design:

select a product to design. i.e. mechanical part, a tool, a component, or any
other object of your interest. The design should demonstrate creativity,
functionality, and feasibility for manufacturing.

CAD Modeling:

Using CAD software(crew) to create a detailed 3D model of the chosen part on
a work piece with the dimensions 0f (100*100*20) and include your name on
the same work piece (your name should not exceed 80 mm length and 10 mm

The model should accurately represent the dimensions, features, and
specifications of the part. (if scaling Is required take in to account the
dimensions of the work piece)

CAM Programming: generate a manufacturing program using Crew software.
define the toolpaths, cutting strategies, feeds, speeds, and other parameters
necessary for CNC machining. using the following instructions:
1. Facing operation:
a. tool diameter 12mm.
b. feed rate 150 mm/min.
c. clear distance 0.5 mm.
d. step depth 4 mm.
e. spindle speed 1000.

2. Finishing operation:
a. tool diameter 4 mm.
b. feed rate 200 mm/min.
c. step depth 1 mm, clear distance 0.5mm.
d. spindle speed 1500.

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3. Coordinate system should be selected at one of the work piece corners

(necessity requirement).

G-code Generation:
From the crew software, export the manufacturing program in G-code format
(TXT file). G-code should be optimized for efficiency, accuracy, and safety during machining.

CNC Machining:

Operate a CNC machine and produce designed product (supervision from the
instructor is required in this stage). load the G-code program with the instructor supervision, set up the work piece and tooling, and initiate the machining process.

Throughout machining monitor the operation, make any necessary adjustments, and ensure the quality of the finished part.

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