BMSW5007 Provide a brief profile of TESCO to include its historical development as an organisation: Tesco Marketing relationships Assignment, UOW, UK

University University of Wales (UOW)
Subject BMSW5007 Tesco Marketing relationships Assignment

Report Tasks

This assessment is an individual piece of work and is required to be presented using a formal business report structure. The report has been requested by the editor of the ‘TESCO ‘Marketing’ online journal.  The Marketing Team is currently researching ‘the influence of Sustainable Relationship Marketing policies and practices and the impact on customer relationships and organization performance`.  You have been invited to contribute to this research by compiling a report based on the following:

Task 1

Provide a brief profile of TESCO to include its historical development as an organisation, the current market share- is it in growth or decline?, profit or loss status and the mission statement for the organisation,

Task 2

Identify and critically describe how data collection/analysis/evaluation can impact on TESCO ‘Marketing Relationships’ and help it to become ‘sustainable’.

Task 3

Provide examples and critically discuss TESCOa‘Marketing Relationship’ strategy based on the following areas:

Segmentation, Pricing Strategies, Differentiation, Ethical and Sustainability policies and practices and identify how these may  help to  achieve ‘customer centrality’.

Task 4

Draw a conclusion to the report that provides information to the Marketing Team  outlining areas of performance that make a difference to  TESCO’ ‘Sustainable Marketing Relationship’ and those that require improvement.

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Presentation Tasks


This individual presentation is to be delivered to a member of the Management Team of TESCO.  It is required to be 10 minutes in duration and consist of appropriate power point slides to support your oral delivery based on the tasks set out below. There is no requirement for supplementary notes.

Task 1

Provide a definition of the terms ‘digital and social media’ based around the context of ‘Customer Relationship Management’.

Task 2

Critically evaluate how TESCO engages with ‘digital and social’ media to develop and sustain its customer relationships. Offer an assessment of how successful this engagement has been in terms of organisation performance.

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