BMIH5005: Briefly discuss the hotel on which the proposal is to be based Within your discussion identify the current issue: Personnel Resourcing and Development Assignment, UoB, UK

University University of Birmingham (UoB)
Subject BMIH5005: Personnel Resourcing and Development

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate a critical understanding of the managerial and business environment within which personnel professionals work and analyze how resourcing an organization is influenced by internal and external factors that determine firms’ need to recruit, select, socialize, performance manage, and mobilize people to meet and exceed their objectives and sustain competitive advantage;
  • Effectively communicate the links between personnel development and positive organizational outcomes evidenced in contemporary research and practiced by organizations committed to developing an engaged and talented workforce in possession of the appropriate skills, attitudes, and experiences that enables them to sustain life-long employment.


  • Briefly discuss the hotel on which the proposal is to be based. Within your discussion identify the current issue the proposal will examine based on the theme of employee engagement and retaining a talented workforce.
  • Using your proposal theme as the focus, consider how you might measure engagement in your hotel using a primary research method. Examples include staff questionnaires, interviews, or observations, also considering GDPR and how you may reassure staff of anonymity. You are not required to actually measure engagement, remember this is a proposal. You must demonstrate your understanding of how you can measure engagement, including the advantages and disadvantages of your proposed method.
  • Use secondary research to support your methodology, giving some consideration as to how secondary research may provide the information you need to improve employee engagement.
  • Evaluate and summarise why measuring engagement would support the hotel of your choice in driving employee engagement and retention.

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