BBS003-1: DIL Haulage (Leighton Buzzard UK) What issues may impact the company’s development and growth? Issues: Foundations of Business Communication Assignment, BU, UK

University Bedfordshire University (BU)
Subject BBS003-1: Foundations of Business Communication

Unit learning outcomes

1.Demonstrate understanding of the different management theories and the basics of Macro and micro-economics, including the decision-making process and strategic management approaches that drive organisations’ performance.

Work with others, develop your personal and professional skills and demonstrate your ability of self-management and learning and be able to use these skills for analysing particular environments, and/or unique situations in which businesses are active

Assignment Topic Company and Business Problem:

DIL Haulage (Leighton Buzzard UK). What issues may impact the company’s development and growth? Issues, in this instance, can refer to problems, future developments and trends that may impact upon the company and opportunities that may arise.

The assignment task has two critical components:

Exploring a business problem faced by the company and the impact of solutions recommended and supported by evidence.

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