Baby hatches are places where people can drop off unwanted babies, instead of abandoning them outside There are a few places in South Africa: Social work Assignment, UOB,UK

University University of Brighton (UOB)
Subject Social work

Argumentative Essay

 Baby hatches are places where people can drop off unwanted babies, instead of abandoning them outside. There are a few places in South Africa that have baby hatches. Some people feel that these baby hatches are a good idea, as it will ensure the survival of the baby and will mean that the baby will be taken care of. These individuals argue that more baby hatches should be made available, for example, at every hospital.  Others, however, are of the opinion that this is a bad idea as it might be seen as an easy way out of the responsibility of parenthood. It could also lead to human trafficking. They, therefore, argue that baby hatches should not exist.

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Baby hatches should not exist in South Africa.

You should consider the South African context, as well as what your role might be in the situation. Your essay must consider both sides of the argument but must have a clear, overall stance. Your essay should not merely list advantages and disadvantages, but should instead present well-reasoned claims/reasons in favor of your argument. In order to strengthen your argument, you must also consider the counter-claims.

Your essay must have an introduction, a conclusion, and a reference list.  You are expected to cite the sources you used in your essay (i.e. provide in-text references).  You must make use of a minimum of 2 sources. Please note that Wikipedia is not the source. The length of your essay should be between 550 words to 750 words. Please provide a word count at the end of your essay.

Additional instructions:

  • Your essay must have a cover page (see course reader for information to include).
  • The essay must be typed using Time New Roman, font size 12, and 1.50 line spacing.
  • Your draft essay will be submitted as an attachment. Please name your file as follows: surname initials and student number, Argumentative essay draft.
  • When submitting your final essay inline it is advisable to type your essay in a Word document. Once you are happy with your essay you may then copy and paste it into the submission box.  Check that your entire essay has been copied and pasted.  If you are happy with it, click the submit button.

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