B50/51EM: You will be given the problem layout and your task is to make all engineering calculations: Numerical Assignment , UOS, UK

University University of Southampton (UOS)
Subject B50/51EM: Numerical


This project considers the design of a turbine bade for renewable energy systems. You will be given the problem layout and your task is to make all engineering calculations and assessments required for the final design and optimisation. This should be done via Finite Element (FE) through ABAQUS.

You should also ensure that the FE solution has converged and cost-effective in terms of computational cost. A comprehensive write-up of the methodology should be included and the intermediate and final results are crucial. You will not only be judged by the results, but the quality of the engineering analysis and discussion you produce too. Hence the critical thinking involved when choosing your design and also the optimisation should be clearly presented along with the critical discussion and conclusions.

You are expected to conduct a mini-review on relevant literature (in the region of 5-10 academic resources), in topics such as wind turbine design, structural optimisation, composite material mechanics etc. It is recommended that you understand the literature work as a design engineer before working on this project. These references should provide a benchmark and underpinning background information to get you started and have abundant information required for the project. You are encouraged to make use of these references in writing your background and literature review sections, however please be aware of the plagiarism and copyright issues when preparing your report.

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