Analyze the situation, based on your research of theories, concepts, and conceptual frameworks which drive: Equality Diversity and Inclusion in Society and Organizations Assignment, UniS, UK

University University Of Surrey (UniS)
Subject Equality Diversity and Inclusion in Society and Organizations

For any organization regardless of the scope of operations or size, success in business involves the recognition of diversity and cultural differences, as well as communicating and functioning in a socially appropriate way.

Approximately 10 percent of business start-ups are initiated by BME entrepreneurs, yet 80 percent of UK BME believe their banking needs are neither recognized nor properly understood. These hard-hitting, but unambiguous facts confronted Lloyds TSB Business Banking. It is also evident that Lloyds TSB had adopted a generic approach to managing diversity, which was devoid of implementation strategies explicitly designed for managing individuals given their vastly different backgrounds, ethnicity, race, and sociocultural contexts.

Lloyds TSB has in the past dealt with diversity issues, more specifically, allegations of racial prejudice in remuneration, career advancement, and job promotion practices, whereby a section of employees expressed feeling discriminated against based on their race. There also were allegations of the ‘glass wall’ and the ‘glass ceiling’ that deterred the BME employees from progressing to the top ranks within the organization.

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Analyzing the organization, as it was represented in the original outlay in 2009, out of the exempt workforce, minorities accounted for only 34 percent. The human resource department’s conduct was a principal sphere of concern, with an incoherent structure for promotional practices and performance evaluations. At the management level, minority representation was only 20 percent, while the figure stood at 47 percent among lower support levels.

The workforce was primarily white and male, which was in stark contrast to the communities they were seeking to serve (Salophek, 2015). The organizational aim to attract and retain the best people from the widest applicant pool, which would enable them in turn to widen their customer base was failing. The key barrier to achieving this was a lack of understanding in respect of employee and customer diversity.

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Consequently, the organization is determined to initiate a cultural awareness training program for all its relationship managers to better enable them to meet the needs of the organization and the BME communities. The company hired Winning Communications to design and deliver needed change. A three-day training program was developed. Three years later over 400 business managers and risk managers attended the program.


  • Analyze the situation, based on your research of theories, concepts, and conceptual frameworks which drive workplace equality.
  • Identify the sources of the inequalities and challenges they can pose to employees and employers.
  • Explore the role of HR in establishing a fair and inclusive workplace in accordance with the law and legislation.

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